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“Freeway” Ricky Ross Interview

December 22, 2009

Freeway Rick Ross

Former LA drug kingpin Ricky Ross is back on the streets and the Block Report’s JR Valrey has the scoop with the 1st interview I’ve seen since his release after serving 13 years of a life sentence.

This is one of those interviews you’re going to have a hard time finding in major media outlets and is an example of exactly why, in the age of community management, citizen journalists and new media, there’s still a need for frontline on the ground reporting and investigations.

Freeway Ricky Ross” is well known in hip hop circles and his alleged relationships have fueled government watchdogs, activists and conspiracy theorists for the last decade and a half. During his heyday Ross claimed to make upwards of $2-3 million a day moving keys of coke through the Los Angeles area. With a regular crew of at least 40 employees and alleged connections that stretched deep into the US govt., it was Ross’, baller status, along with the mythos of New York’s Nicky Barnes and Frank Lucas, that fueled the unfortunate drug dealer super personas of most mainstream rappers.

There are a couple of issues at play in Ross’ rise and fall, the 1st of course is the shear amount of dope dude was moving. $2-3 mil. of coke a day, broken down, cut and diluted into countless crack rocks=a whole shitload of strungout hypes and the effective decimation of the targeted community. And that potential targeting is the  the nut of the 2nd issue.

For years, Ross and supporters, most prominently journalist Gary Webb, claimed that Ross was at the end of a drug pipeline that started in the offices of the CIA and was intended to fund US involvement in fighting in Iran and Nicaragua. This had the added effect of turning much of LA into crackhead central and crippling much of the city’s black and brown population. While CIA officials still maintain they were never technically involved in selling drugs of southern Cali, at the end of the Iran Contra Affair, 14 people including your boy Oliver North, were convicted of crimes, only to have their sentences pardoned in the final days of George Bush 1’s presidency.

The facts around this case are up for debate although there’s a lot of information that appears to be pointing a big red guilty finger toward CIA involvement in the Los Angeles drug trade. You can read JR’s interview with Ross at the San Francisco Bayview website and get some more background on Ross’ involvement in Iran Contra with this video, where one of the most poignant quotes comes from former LA police officer Michael Ruppert, who spent years investigating and speaking out against government involvement in drug trafficking.

“For a long time in South Central the buzzword was that the CIA was selling crack. The CIA wasn’t selling crack. The CIA was importing cocaine, Ricky Ross got it, he turned it into crack and he sold it.”

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