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Fat Twinks, Rage and Dancing Like Black People

November 18, 2009

You’ve just got to love the searchabilityness of the interwebs. We say it all the time, but NOTHING get’s lost on this thing. Every bobble of information, every bit of conversation, every off handed tag you’ve ever tugged is always there somewhere lurking, ready to pop up on a search engine in all it’s embarrassing glory. It’s kind of like your mom showing up at your office with photos of you as a kid in your Spider Man underoos. Good thing I was a cute kid.

And also a good thing that I’m relatively open and unabashed when it comes to posting online.   I figure it’s best to get things out in the open before they come and bite you in the underoos sometime down the line. Like, say, after you get selected for a White House position.

Over the years I’ve written a huge hodgepodge of stuff and a lot of it is on this site in some form or another. And I’ve gotten comfortable knowing that people actually do search for me online by name (you mean people actually CARE? So weird…) But I’m still always a bit surprised at the other things people search for to get to me and this site, and the weird keywords we’re associated with.

So as a sort of very unscientific, semi regular, sociological experiment, I’m going to start posting some of my favorite search terms on the site. Now some of these are accurate, some are unexpected and some are just downright silly (I’m telling you, you post a couple of photo sets mentioning twinks and BDSM and Google never lets you forget it!)

Um, how to dance like black people?

Now while none of the ones I’ve noticed so far have been super offensive there are a few that I’m pretty ambivalent about being associated with. And while I know adding them all to one list probably isn’t going to do me any favors SEO wise, as a artist and fearless chronicler of culture I feel it is my creative duty to share these crucial elements of the way we live.  And some of them are just funny:

how to dance like black people
twinks asses
wordpress twinks
what does it mean when people say “peace out”
white people dance like this
naked partypeople
freaky things
naked bubs
fat twinks
naked partypeople
black people dance song
rodney dangerfield rage against

So with that done, I’m kinda curious. I know I’m not the only one who checks his metrics and search phrases (am I?) so feel free to share any of your favorite, most out there search phrases. We’ll see if we can out embarrass each other.

Your turn…

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