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Mothafucka, play the 20 minute version.

August 26, 2009

Doesn’t matter how you feel about Diddy, electro, pop, yadda yadda yadda.  This mix is sublimely, supremely unadulteratedly dope as fuck.  Period.

‘Lectro Black-The Last Train to Paris Mixtape is an extended electro love letter from Felix Da Housecat and Sir Puff that unfolds over 59 minutes of the most gorgeous, razor edged beats I’ve heard in a minute. I mean, after all, it is Felix on the cuts.  He of Kitten & thee Glitz royalty.  Dude’s almost like God.

I once heard a quote from Gregory Hines about how hoofers never turn in their tap shoes, and, well, you could kinda say diddy’s a bit of the same. There’ve been a lot of shiny, ghostwritten permutations since the days he made his bread as a dancer for Father MC but every once and a while the roots show through.  Remember Get Off?

This 8 minute spoken word piece from DJ Hell and his diddyness  (IMO one of the best spoken word/electro joints since Coded Language) should put things back in perspective:

Fuck that, ya’gotta hit em wit that 13, that 14 minute version
You gotta just hit em wit’ that shit where they marinate…
Where they just engulfed in the shit
Where they just…
I hate when a muthafucka play a 4 minute version
You can’t even get into your thang on a 4 minute version!

This go out to all those mothafuckas
who like 15-20 minute versions of a mothafuckin rekkid

I’m sendin this out to all the mothafuckas in the after hours spots
Them divided souls
Them mothafuckahs that’s catchin’ the holy ghost through the music…

As any house head knows and any fan of DC Go Go, Jam, Afrobeat, bluegrass or New Orleans jazz will cosign, the groove don’t start till damn near 7 minutes in. And “Catchin the Holy Ghost” about describes the experience when it does.

Download the whole mix here and bang at appropriate decibels. My neighbors are gonna be so pissed with me tonight…

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