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Back up! film explores female harrasment and activism. Free tonight

July 31, 2009

Hey Baby…Hey Sexy..Wit’ yo fine self…Come ‘er girl…Damn, can I get summa that?

Just for the record, “Damn, can I get summa that?” is never a good introduction.

A few years ago I was walking with a female friend and she was striding ahead about 10 feet in front of me, which I supposed, was enough distance for people to assume we were’nt together.  During the course of our 10 block walk she was hit on no less than 5 times, by dudes who not only had no game but who were overall kinda lame and disrespectful, enough to make me up the pace and make sure our connection was a lot more clear to any other potential wack romeos.

When I told her how shocked I was all I got a shrug, and a “whatev, that’s the way it always is.” Now of course I knew about the inequalities women go through on the reg, but this was the 1st time I had seen it so crudely and repeatedly.

Unfortunately, fimmakers Nijlan Mu’min and Monique Hazeur, along with, well, just about every other woman on the planet, knows about this kind of on the street harassment pretty damn well.  


Whether it’s lame and overbearing pick up lines or wandering hands that may borderline physical assault, the average women walking down the street minding her own damned business has to deal with an extraordinaire amount of bull caca.   Mum’in and Hazeur’s new documentary, Back Up! concrete diaries, screening tonight at the Eastside Arts Alliance, explores the different ways that women are speaking out and redefining their own personal and public spaces.

The documentary adds an important voice to the gender and body politics debate and gives some fresh and informative perspectives on an often overlooked issue.  Back Up screens! free tonight as part of the Eastside Arts Alliance’s Friday Night Films series

BACK UP! concrete diaries
Eastside Arts Alliance
EastSide Cultural Center
2277 International Blvd
Oakland, CA
(510) 533-6629

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