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White people dance like this, black people dance like that

July 10, 2009

Yes, I shamelessly and unapologetically jacked the idea for this post from that TAN dude, but it’s a fuggin brilliant idea, so there. Imitation=flattery and all that…

So dig it: this little slice of minimal excellence is straight  from the Berlin based mind of  electro producer Squarespace. A little B-boy, a little modern, a little Fosse, a couple pencil skirts and some skinny ties.   So clean and sharp, with a controlled boogie and bubbly aftertaste.

Then we have this.

This is an extended clip from a larger doc on the early days of NYC house.  Mainly NY folks with a couple Bay Area heads sprinkled in and the movement is simply gorgeous.

Same idea, different beats.  I think a line from the Squarespace song sums it up.

The world is a better place, it’s a better place.  Now that everybody’s started to dance, no we all dance.

Get down a little this weekend.

Happy Friday people.

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