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Tonight in San Francisco-Hybrid Journalism!

June 2, 2009

The new grassroots journalism

Not so breaking news! The news industry is getting turned on it’s ear. Not so secret tip: No one really knows what to do about it! Over the last couple of years, as longtime newspaper folk have been shown the door en masse, and everyone’s Tweeted and Friended themselves into a public frenzy, a lot of new questions, new challenges and new opportunities have risen from the ashes of all those burned newspapers.

But what does this multimedia real time approach to life mean for the way we report and consume the news? What are the new tools and how are they being used? Find out the insider info from the new news biz at this panel discussion with members of the new and old guard media. Panelest include: Katharine Mieszkowski,,Joe Rubin, FRONTLINE/World, Robert Rosenthal, CIR, Kevin Weston, New America Media and Marcus Chan, SF Chronicle and will be moderated by Magnet Media’s Megan Cunningham. 

BAVC Innovation Salon VI: The Hybrid Tomorrow: Journalism, Documentary and New Media
$10 for non-BAVC members
Dolby Laboratories, Inc.
100 Potrero Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94103-4813

(This was also posted over at O-scene. Check there for regular Bay Area events listings. )

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