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Cultural Criticism 2.0?

August 4, 2008

So in my previous post I wondered about the death of Cult. Crit. as posed in this piece from the SA Times.

It’s an interesting article but the more I think about it, and with the help of some smart journo friends, I really have to wonder just which medium the author is most well versed in-probably print.  He dismisses blogging in just a few sentences, the same way old school print journo’s did until print started to going to shit.  Then they started dissin’.  But let’s be honest, there’s some great analysis going on in the blogosphere, right along with all the BS.

The thing I’m wondering is are there any other examples of criticism happening in other aspects of the web 2.0 world.  Is there someone on Twitter dissecting the fuck out of life in 100 words or less?  Are there myspace commenters who provide a deeper insight into the way we live?  Is there some camera phone activist out there who’s vlogging the most amazing 3 minute analysis of the last night’s Jay Z/Bloc Party/Dragons of Zynth show all over Vimeo? 

Usually whenever someone proclaims the “death” of any form it’s because they’re really not following the new permutations emerging from said form.  Is this the case?  Is this idea full of shit?  Am I going to get a youtube response full of in depth reasoning and arguments?  Well?

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