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Photolicious: Fire Arts, T-Shirts and White People

July 13, 2008

So through a quite fortunate an unexpected turn of events I’ve been charged with taking care of a very sweet lil’ digital SLR for the next month.   And since I’ve been aching to get behind the lens for a while, the next month will be big on the camera work, and hopefully big on the inspired text, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, yeah?

1st up is the Crucible’s Fire Arts Festival.  This is their annual fund raiser for kids programs (which justifies the $50 a pop price tag, plus they offer free tix to area youth, I mean it is located in West Oakland after all).  I took these for a web feature and since they only used a few here’s the whole set (be gentle with a new photographer):

Then there’s a couple of “Hella Love Oakland” shots I took for a feature on Oakland T shirts to be published in the next edition of the magazine.  I just really like these two, taken at the skate-park-in-progress around the corner from the house.

And finally there’s a bit of randomness from the local Borders.  Seems like after years of being marginalized and having their culture ignored by the masses, White People finally have their own section of the book store-right next to Obama.  Although from what I hear, Obama could fit under the White People section pretty nicely.

More soon.

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