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The Scraper Bike Movement

June 26, 2008

“Oakland is a mobile kind of town. Way beyond the “whatever gets me from point A to point B” mentality, folks here seem to take a special kind of pride in their rides while eschewing conventional transportation ideas with an almost religious zeal. We’ve got Scrapers and Choppers and Hybrids. We’ve got Fixed Gears and Art Cars and Rat Bikes. We run on pedal power and vegetable oil just as much as good old petrol, and are just as likely to be spearheading the next big transport trend in an abandoned warehouse as we are to be tricking out an old Impala in our front yard. When it comes to our wheels, Oakland definitely goes.

So it’s not surprising that the latest mobility craze to gain worldwide fame had its genesis in the Town. World, take note: Oakland is the home of the Scraper Bike Movement. And Tyrone Stevenson Jr., aka “Baby Champ,” is the Scraper Bike King.”

Another recent article. I first met Baby Champ a couple of years ago at a memorial for one of his cousins who was killed. He was posted up with some of his folks, all sitting on candy colored Scraper Bikes-the first I’d seen. Since then he’s gone worldwide with the bikes and the concept and is opening a shop in the Town this Summer and getting a nonprofit off the ground. Check the video that’s got him worldwide looks and check the site for more info and see the article here.

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