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Mailer. 1923–2007. A Multimedia Tribute

November 13, 2007


One of literature’s most famous pugilist finally rests.

I never met the man and won’t claim to be the world’s greatest Mailer scholar, but I admired the hell out of his work and career.

Even if he tended to dip deep much into the art of spectacle, it was with a sheer force of personality you had to admire. Especially because the man behind the mess was full of such damned fine writing.

Like James Baldwin and Oscar Wilde, to me Mailer represents the ultimate man as artist. A champion of literature and culture-loud in life and brash in his search for truth-I admired his insistence that as writers, the work we create is necessary, even vital, in order to truly comprehend ourselves as humans.

Far better writers than I have summarized his life and death, so this will simply server as a link to some of his memorable moments-the sights, sounds and reviews. No matter if you loved or hated him, you’ve got to admit that we’ve lost one of the really important ones. We’ve got some big shoes to fill…



Norman Mailer Interview

The Naked and the Dead ebook

Mailer All Time Enemies List

Review of the Spooky Art

Synopsis of Mailer’s Films


Mailer at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco

Mailer Discusses Harlet’s Ghost and the Writer’s Life

Mailer interviewed by Rollingstone

Norman Mailer discusses “the Spooky Art”

More Mailer on KCRW


Norman Mailer vs Rip Torn

Norman Mailer debates Marshall McLuhan

“One a prophet of hip and probable conscious of the nation, the other a prophet of the media and spokesman for the electronic age”


Norman Mailer BBC Tribute


Photo Slideshow*




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